ChangᮠAutomobile Co., Ltd. (CCA) was incorporated in Shanghai in 1862 under the name 㨡nghai Foreign Gun Bureau 1996, CCA was listed on the Shenzen Stock Exchange. Today CCA, with its headquarters in Chongqing, is one of the biggest carmaker in China.

CCA commenced its auto operations in 1957. It㠦irst vehicle was a jeep called Yangtze River. CCA began a technical and commercial cooperation with Suzuki Company of Japan in 1984 and the two companies jointly produced Changᮠmini cars and Jiangling engines. Since then, cars and engines have become its mainstays.

CCA has three production bases, one each in the southwest, east and north of China. CCA has tied up with international auto leaders such as Ford, Mazda and Suzuki and has established several joint ventures in China. They are ChangᮠSuzuki Auto Corp in 1993, ChangᮠFord Auto Corp in 2001 and ChangᮠFord Nanjing Corp in 2004. Its production and sales of cars have been increasing annually and hit 580,000 cars in 2004 and 620,000 cars in 2005.

CCA has 28,000 working staff including a thousand scientific and technical personnel and has also set up auto engineering research institutes and branch institutes in Italy, Germany, Shanghai and Chongqing of China.

It operates eleven car-making factories and forms a complete model line including low-, middle- and high-class passenger and commercial vehicles. Production and sales of Changᮠcars ranks in the top 20 worldwide and sales of Changᮠcars rank no. 1 in China. For more information please visit www.changanauto.com

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